One of my biggest wishes for my baby boy is that I’m able to teach him that “being a man” doesn’t always mean being rough and tough, or holding his feelings in – I hope to teach him just the opposite. That being a man means being in touch with his emotions and not being afraid to show them. That being a man means being brave, but also admitting when he’s scared. I want him to treat everyone with kindness and know how to use his words intellectually and with purpose. I don’t want him to be bound by gender roles and believe he should act a certain way because he is a boy, but that he should act a certain way because he is a human. I hope to bring this tiny little person up to be loving, accepting, thoughtful, and kind. To be the kind of person this world so desperately needs. To see the change, we have to be the change. Set your children up to go forth and accomplish great things in our world. The future is up to them.





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