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What Is Amarisland?

Amarisland is not just a shop, but also a place in which people can go to express their truest selves and find the magic within that frees them from their fears. It is a place of love, creativity, art, and genuine expression. It is an environment where anyone can come to find their inner light and child-like spirit. In everything that I create and share, I make it my mission to bring you to this place, which is not separate from you, but already within you.

We each suffer, dream, love, smile, and cry. I’ve been through it too. So, when I express through my creations, I reach out to other souls who recognize that emotion, and that connection is everything to me. THAT is the foundation of Amarisland. It all comes from a place of universal love, meaning the love is not meant for just one person, belief, or thing. Amarisland is meant for all.

AmarisA Message From Amaris

When I created Amarisland (Am-uh-riss Land) I was in one of the darkest places of my life. Autoimmune disease wreaked havoc on my body, my self-love and confidence was crushed in a previous relationship, and waves of depression came and went as a result. I was lost; however, this darkness was the catalyst to me finding my way to Amarisland.

Crystals and minerals have been an integral part of my entire life and have changed it in many ways, for the better… spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically. I believe that there is an incredibly deep, undeniable, and powerful energy carried within these Earth treasures that resonates with our souls if we open ourselves up to it. I also believe, however, that each crystal and person is unique and will resonate differently with different crystals. So I encourage you to see if a crystal calls out to you and discover what it has to show YOU!


In Amarisland, colors and crystals are abundant all around, love and compassion flow, and intuition and magic are one!

Thank you for being you, for being here, and for your support! It means the universe to me!

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