“To Begin To Manifest Our Greatest Self We Must First Heal Our Physical Body.”Fresh10


The answer will never be a “starve yourself skinny” solution nor does it come from some fad diet pill, waste trainer, or box of Tea-Tox. It is a very personal choice to make this 180 degree lifestyle change for you and your family, so take a deep breath because it doesn’t just happen all at once. There is much to master but no need to be overwhelmed, all good things happen in time.

Begin by staying focused on the present and taking the next step forward.

Remedies3The trick to making healthy eating fun and enjoyable is to know what ingredients are in your food. Once you realize how many beautifully healthy alternatives are at your fingertips the meals and snacks you can enjoy are limitless, and to be honest… “Knowing what’s in your food, just tastes better!”
A healthy body starts from within and will in turn reflect that image on the exterior, though the positive change you will start to see in your physical appearance is merely an added bonus. It’s the way your entire life will start to shift in a more positive direction that is absolutely invaluable!

Cooking is a meditative practice that I’ve come to have a deep appreciation for. It’s a break in my day that allows my mind to relax and unwind, so whether you’re just cooking for yourself, you and your mate, or a family of 8, turn on some good music and turn up the heat!

…At Happimethod, we know how much better life can be when you have the knowledge and ability to create your own healthy, chemical free products! That’s why our menu includes recipes for everything from healthy meals, desserts, and appetizers – down to how to make your own HOMEMADE  baby foods, pet foods, wellness remedies, personal hygiene / cleaning products, and so much more!

Click on the Recipes Tab at the top or bottom of this page to view these amazing recipes that have been created by ourselves and other Happi Humans just for you!

 Oh… and just so we’re clear from the gate, when you see the word “OG” in these recipes it stands for Organic, I abbreviate the word because I reiterate the importance of using Organic foods many times, and well, we all know that Organic Foods are the real OG’s any way….

Have your own healthy recipes you would like us to add on our menu?? Or how about a recipe you’d like to see us create a healthy homemade version of??? Share with us!!!!! Click here to submit your own recipes and recipe suggestions!

NOTE: If you are contributing your own content, we will always credit you as our source and include a short bio along with any website, blog, and social media content you would like us to list!

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