Here’s a throwback to our maternity shoot, when we were still us. 💟💙 I won’t lie, mama’s, I often miss those days. The days where we could go out together without finding a sitter. The days where we could snuggle on the couch all day, binge watching our favorite Netflix series. 📺 The days when we could devote all of our time to one another • Having our son has put a bit of a pause on our relationship with one another, and finding that balance between a relationship with your significant other as well as your new child can be a challenging one to maintain, but is important to find that balance so you don’t lose yourselves. ☯️ We have to all remember that this too shall pass, and one day we will be back to snuggles and binge watching without bags under our eyes or half-attentive ears because you’re listening for the coohs and cries of your baby sleeping in the next room. 🍼😭Becoming a family is a beautiful thing, but in order to stay a family, we cannot neglect our relationships. 💓 Go hug your men, ladies. They need support just like we do





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