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Emotions are energy and are meant to stay in motion – effortlessly flowing up and out of our Chakra System, but we are human and hold attachment to our experiences, especially those that cause us pain.

Suffering has silently been handed down for generations, each emotional blockage causing the dis-ease of our mind, body, and ultimately the progression of our soul.

We have become prisoners of our own perception, avoiding the answers, yet searching for the escape…. But we cannot out run our shadow, instead we must meet it face to face.

The path to emotional freedom is actually behind you, because how can you truly move forward if the origin of your pain lies somewhere in your past.

Most quotes will tell you otherwise, because “All We Have Is Now” right? And while that’s absolutely true, we also have a history that has created memories in our mind, some good – some bad, and whether we consciously recall them or they are sub-consciously locked away, their build up in our body is the root of why we feel stuck.

So how do you unblock them?

By being brave enough to unearth them, feel them, but not become them – Understand them and what they are stirring in you – Accept the experience that conjured them, then let them all fall away from you.

I’ve created the 7 phase — symphonic frequencies of “Raspberries X Rum” to serve as a catalyst into your unique soul expedition. Each track has been intentionally crafted around the corresponding keys of the 7 main Chakras to vibrate open the origin of your afflictions, move you harmoniously between dimensions, and drink down the intuitive medicine woven throughout these transcendent tones of ancient Vibrational Alchemy. May you leave behind the hologram and walk fearlessly into the illumination of your truth.

My name is Aria and I’m sending you worlds of light as you vibrantly liberate all the colors of your soul!