What Is Happimethod?

So you’ve been wandering through the vortex, searching for somewhere that feels like home… If you’re reading this message then “Welcome” because you’ve just arrived into the frequency of Happimethod!

Happimethod is more than just a mortal feeling, it is a boundless field of vibration where we have no end and no beginning, rather we are endlessly transcending our previous form.

Life takes us to places that makes us forget what true happiness feels like. We begin to identify with ourselves as the problem, instead of the solution. You can attempt to keep filling that expanding void with things that masquerade themselves as the empty illusion of happiness, but that kind of rush is short-lived and you deserve to become fully ALIVE!

The healing vibrations you’ll encounter here are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced and yet your soul will immediately resonate with their power to restore your energy field and recreate your life.

The only question is… Are you ready?


We’re not your average broadcast and you won’t receive this reprogramming anywhere else!


There are some pretty bad ass Artists + Entrepreneurs out there helping to change the way we look at our world and we want you to know all about them, so we’ve created this space to help you discover more of what you deserve and weed out the BS!


It’s our right to return to wholeness and to release ourselves from the emotional energies that keep weighing us down.

This is our Healing Market Place where you’ll pick up all kinds of good feels from the magic we create… Go have a look around!


Feeling hungry? Well, you are what you eat… Which is why you’ll only find healthy and delicious plant-based recipes created by some incredibly inventive souls on our menu.

“Eat Your Energy, Because There Will Only Ever B1 Of You!”


We don’t pretend to know everything, but together we can expand our collective mind.

Here you’ll find content created “By humans, for humans” and I’m not going to lie… You might just dig up some new perspective that will completely reconfigure the way you view our world!