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Eight (8) Real-Life Excursions

It is the Happy Life System Life school Playbook. A free gift to unlock your child’s inner magic through play + fun.


I know that we crossed paths for a specific reason. Maybe you were in a carpool with a friend and they shared my name, or you found me by some happy accident through Instagram, Linkedin, or a Google podcast. In any case, you were led here and I am so happy our hearts have connected! Isn’t it amazing how we seem to find each other precisely when we most need to? What a blessing! I created this amazing site for you. I want to help you step into your ultimate power and greatness, to help you unlock your parenting genius, and to create the most magical life possible with your children. It is my dream to create the happiest children, most contented adults, and most amazing families on this planet. Are you ready to build a most extraordinary life together?
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Lauren Magers

Celebrated Parenting Thought Leader + Global Family Advisor +
Motivational Speaker + Founder of Inc. 5000 Company

“I have never met a child more empathetic, motivated and empowered to create his own life. Whatever you are doing with your child is beaming through him. I wish the world could raise children this way. I endorse with all my heart Lauren Magers and the Happy Life System she has created.” 

Waldorf school kindergarten teacher

Discover how to unlock your parenting genius and own your personal happiness.

Lauren Magers teaches the simple and effective step-by-step formula of the Happy Life System to unlock your parenting genius and transform your life from chaos to harmony. Ensuring you will begin to step into your power and own your happiness.