Welcome To Happimethod

So you’ve been wandering through the vortex, searching for somewhere that feels like home…

If you’re reading this message then “Welcome” because you’ve just arrived into the frequency of Happimethod and this is only the beginning of your journey down the rabbit hole!


Emotions are energy and are meant to stay in motion, but we are human and hold attachment to our experiences, especially those that cause us pain.

The path to emotional freedom is actually behind you, because how can you truly move forward if the origin of your pain lies somewhere in your past.

So how do you unblock them?

Eat Your Energy Cafe (Logo) 2

“Eat Your Energy, Because There Will Only Ever B1 Of You!”


There are some pretty bad ass Artists + Entrepreneurs out there helping to change the way we look at our world and we want you to know all about them, so we’ve created this space to help you discover more of what you deserve and weed out the BS!


We’re not your average broadcast and you won’t receive this reprogramming anywhere else!