CALLING ALL EMPATHS!!! DO YOU GET ANXIETY? Discover How To Protect Your Energy Field, And Use Your Power To Heal!

It is both a gift and a curse to feel EVERYTHING so deeply, especially in today’s world where most humans have buried their hearts beneath their scars and daily show up to face the outside world contained inside a heavy suit of armor.

An Empaths environment is like an emotional satellite radio, and as you go about your day (especially in public) your emotional antenna surfs the channels… flipping from station to station, involuntarily tuning into others emotional broadcasts and absorbing the essence of their spirit… for better or for worse.

This happens to me all the time… one minute I’m completely centered in my frequency and in alignment with a positive / productive wavelength, thinking of all the projects I need to finish and the new creations I want to manifest… When suddenly, I’ll pick up on someone else’s “emotional broadcast” and before I can even identify what’s happening, I’ll be completely pulled out of my element and sucked into a whirl wind of emotions, just like that!

And as a result, the rest of my day will sometimes be spent struggling to climb back out of the vortex of emotional energies I’ve just experienced… Sifting through all of the anxieties, depressions, anger, and stress… trying to figure out what’s me and what’s not me. In other words, “What emotions have I taken on that don’t belong to me, but have somehow attached themselves to my energy as I passed by the original owners.”

It leaves me feeling out of control of my own energy field and asking myself, “Why was I created to feel the weight of the world?” which quickly sends me into a downward spiral and my head spinning out of control. It’s an Empaths gift to feel in order to heal, but only if we can master how to remain at peace within ourselves as we navigate the waves of emotional frequencies are we truly capable of healing. Which is why I’ve finally said “ENOUGH!”

The first step is to be conscious of your own emotions at all times, this way they will not become entangled with others emotions that are riding the waves of vibration all around you. Next, practice being present and aware of your own personal space and fill it with LOVE until there is an impenetrable field of LOVE surrounding you – No emotion vibrates higher than the frequency of LOVE – any emotion below that will not be capable of reaching you.

It is only then that we can begin to learn to transmute these negative energies and alchemize their form.


Love X Elevation,




  1. happimethod
    Magdie says:

    I 100% relate and am learning to protect myself from outside energies and emotions. I am very sensitive to the energy of others and am affected greatly if I don’t ground myself quickly. Great red!

    • happimethod
      happimethod says:

      It’s most definitely a labor of love but I promise you beautiful, it does get better. The more aware you are of your present state of being the easier it will become for you to recognize what emotions do not belong to you and release them from your energy field. Sending you so much strength and love!

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