MEDITATION X VIBRATION: The Wavelength That Reduces Stress And Rewires Your Brain!

Everything around you is vibrating!

From the air you breathe to the food you eat and yes, even the pillow you lay your head on at night. It’s all vibrating!!!

Why does it vibrate? Why is the sky blue? Because everything in the universe is composed of sound that vibrates at different frequencies. In fact, quantum physics describes the universe as nothing more than vibrating strings of energy!

Essentially, WE ARE MADE OF MUSIC so when we hear and feel the vibrations of sound our cells are being altered at an extremely subtle level, and it is in this quantum state that everything in existence begins to manifest itself into the physical realm.

That’s right, nothing in this entire universe is actually solid. Any form that appears solid is ultimately created by an underlying vibration.

All vibrations manifest into solid form as corresponding geometrical shapes (aka sacred geometry), and in this way build up a collective body of cells that are the expression of the elements particular vibration.

The forms of flowers, snail shells, snowflakes, vegetables, minerals, crystals, animals, and even human beings have taken on their physical shape because of the way their vibratory atomic structure is responding to some sound in nature.

In fact, there’s so much evidence of this that there’s an agreement among Science, Medicine, and Metaphysics that certain frequencies can repel and even destroy disease in our body.

Herein lies the link between frequency (vibration), health, and the rewiring of your brain. Side note… have you ever asked yourself why the word disease broken down into syllables reads as dis-ease… hmmm… I’m guessing there may something to that!

Mind blown at this point??! I know!!! It’s a lot to wrap your head around right?

So let’s take a quick look at this colorful visual demonstration to get a better understanding of the inner workings of this extraordinarily designed universe, then we’ll come back to discover how to rewire your brain using the vibrations of sound.

I mean, how beautiful was that?!!?!!! Now that you have a clearer image in your head of how sound physically looks as it vibrates, let’s take a minute just to recap what we’ve learned, shall we?

So far we’ve gained the knowledge that everything in the universe is composed of sound, sound is frequency, and frequency impacts our brain waves (aka the frequency of our brain)

Our brain emits 5 different types of waves:

  1. Beta (14.0-30Hz) The Restless Wave
  2. Alpha (8.0-13.9Hz) The Intuition Wave
  3. Theta (4.0-7.9Hz) The REM Wave
  4. Delta (0.1-3.9Hz) The Gateway Wave
  5. Gamma (40Hz +) The Insight Wave

In our daily conscious mind state we are emitting Beta Waves, these are the brain waves that allow you to be awake, alert, and functioning during the day.

The problem is that throughout our day along with all of the tasks that we must accomplish just to survive, most of us are also experiencing feelings of stress, anxiety, anger, and sadness which interferes with our ability to reach an elevated Alpha Wave state of calm and can quickly spiral us into a negative state of mind.

At the end of the day this can leave us to feel overwhelmed with our lives and sometimes just down right defeated, tomorrow inevitably arrives and we repeat this chaotic cycle over, and over, and over again until eventually we’ve completely forgotten what it felt like to imagine being able to do what we wanted to do with our life before we had become a prisoner of war to our own mind.

However, your story doesn’t have to end that way… there is something you can do to start to break the cycle and you can start right now! How do I improve my life? How can I be more positive? How will I ever get out of this labyrinth?

This Is How…

By simply listening to music that relaxes your mind and taking a few moments out to stop and meditate, even if it’s in your car before or after work (with the car in PARK of course) you can begin to practice achieving an Alpha Wave mind state.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to empty your mind, when you catch your mind wandering, simply returning your attention back to your breath is the whole game.

You see, the cognitive process of bringing your attention back to your breath is actually what flexes the mental muscles that can literally rewire your brain and shift how you “think about your thinking” at a neurobiological level.
As you start to incorporate this simple pleasure into your daily routine you will begin to notice a change in the way you look at life and how you allow things to affect you. This is just one of the many ways your reality will shift in a positive direction as you begin to rewire your brain.

If you’re looking for an extra uplifting boost of elevation to get you started on your journey to inner bliss, just watch our short inspirational video on how your thoughts create the world around you!

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Now that you’ve gained access to this beautiful new insight you might be starting to feel yourself transform into a majestic creature, such as… A unicorn!!!

If this is you and you love healthy treats as much as I do, go ahead and feast your eyeballs on this video of “How To Make Vegan Rainbow Unicorn Cupcakes” Because they’re soooo pretty!!!

Love X Elevation,



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