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Just how has Garlic gotten it’s reputation for being so unbelievably healthy for you??? 

This potent immunity warrior has earned it’s ranking as one of the most powerful naturally medicinal foods due to it’s ability to create the highly anti-bacterial chemical compound Allicin

Garlic’s cells separately contain Alliin and Alliinase, when Garlic is minced, crushed, or chewed these cells rupture. When they do, the Alliin and Alliinase enzymes can combine to birth the creation of a new compound called Allicin.

Allowing your garlic to sit minced or crushed for at least 15-20 mins. to allow the enzymes time to create this chemical reaction will increase the potency of it’s Allicin compound, but either way you slice it and dice it… Garlic is an awesome natural supplement to top off your meals for an extra detoxifying boost of energy in every bite!

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