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November 1, 2016

This delightful little treat only has 2 main ingredients and is so easy to prepare! A unique combo that’s as delish as it is packed with protein, making it a quick and healthy choice for even the most chaotic mornings!

This recipe makes two crepes, so if you’re a light eater just cut the main ingredient portions in half.

  • Prep: 20 mins
  • Cook: 5 mins
  • Yields: 2 Servings



1 Large Banana

2 Eggs

A little Coconut Oil to grease your skillet



Blueberries (TIP!!! Freeze your fresh Blueberries first, so your body will be able to absorb the maximum amount of antioxidants from them!)


Ground Cinnamon

Honey or Agave Nectar


1First, crack open your Eggs in a medium sized bowl and whisk them together.

2Peel your Banana and mash until it’s smooth and creamy (don’t over mash, a few tiny chunks are okay – I personally just use my hands for this part)

3Then, add your mashed Banana to your Eggs and whisk all ingredients together until fully blended.

4Heat about a little Coconut Oil in a frying pan (just enough to lightly coat the surface), wait for it to start to sizzle a little and spread it around the pan.

5Pour half of your batter into the skillet and gently swirl your pan in a circular motion to create a crepe. (don’t thin your batter to much though, you want it to be more like a thinner version of a pancake)

6While cooking your crepe through check underneath before flipping it over, it should be light golden brown color. Make sure to carefully work a flat spatula around and underneath to prevent it from sticking to your pan. (Keep checking to be sure it doesn’t over cook or you’ll end up with burnt banana eggs!)

7Now, flip your crepe over and let the other side cook a little. (Just a heads up… this happens fast!)

8Rinse off your fruit and top your crepe with Blueberries, sliced Strawberries, and Bananas. Sprinkle lightly with some Cinnamon and drizzle on some Honey!

9If you feel the urge to get a bit more creative with your food try, adding a little Yogurt or any other yummy flavors you might like to experience! Just be sure to always use fresh Organic ingredients to keep your body sublime!

NOTES ---------------

Always use Organic and Non-GMO ingredients to avoid harmful pesticides and genetically modified foods. Click here to learn more

Glass, ceramic, stainless steel bowls are ideal for use when mixing ingredients, avoid using anything plastic. Click here to find out more on "The Harmful Effects Of Plastic On Human Health & The Environment"

When choosing Dairy products it's best to look for a brand that’s labeled USDA Organic or at the minimum, created without the use of any synthetic growth hormones (RBST | RBGH) and is free of antibiotics. Click here to learn more!

Looking for a healthier butter option? Try Kerrygold brand! Click here to learn more

It's important that you always give your body the best... Click here to learn "How To Shop For Eggs" 

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